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Baton Rouge Gentle Dentist

Gentle dentistry is a way to make the difference between good oral health or neglected oral health. Nine to fifteen percent of Americans avoid dental appointments due to anxiety. And many of their fears can be traced to dental experiences that were traumatic—not gentle.

Woman's relaxed face while enjoying gentle dentistryAt Theriot Family Dental Care in Baton Rouge, we work to keep you calm and comfortable while providing gentle dental care.

A Calming Environment

We start with a welcoming and friendly environment.

  • We don’t keep you waiting – We promptly take you to a treatment room for care.
  • Your visits are unhurried – As you talk about your concerns, we listen closely and welcome your questions.
  • Receiving treatment is your choice – We explain your treatment options and the pros and cons of each. We don’t pressure you to receive treatment or rush you to make decisions.

“When you walk in, the staff at Theriot Family Dental Care immediately have a smile on their face and greet you with such positivity!” – Alexis C.

During Dental Treatment

Our goal is to help you relax and forget about the sights and sounds of dental equipment. For your comfort during your procedure, you can bring headphones and listen to music while relaxing in a massaging dental chair. Or you can watch a program on a flat-screen TV while resting on one of our neck pillows or with a blanket.

Our hygienists and dentists are friendly and calming, as confirmed by the comments below from one of our patients:

“The staff at Theriot Family Dental Care are professional and helpful. Dr. Redhead is very gentle and caring when working on you.” – Jessica P.

Dr. Theriot and Dr. Redhead deliver pain-free injections. Many anxious patients become so comfortable and at ease with us that their overall anxiety level reduces, and they begin to enjoy dental visits. For patients with a higher level of anxiety, we offer sedation dentistry.

Sedation Dentistry Can Help

Sedation dentistry is a safe and effective way to help you relax. We offer two levels of sedation:

  • Nitrous oxide – Nitrous oxide is available at our Perkins Road location. When you breathe in this colorless, odorless gas (also referred to as laughing gas), it has a calming effect. It relieves anxiety and helps you have a pleasant dental experience.
  • Oral conscious sedation – We offer oral conscious sedation at both our Baton Rouge offices. Before your dental appointment, you will take oral anti-anxiety medication for deeper relaxation than nitrous oxide provides. You’ll be so relaxed that you probably won’t remember your dental procedure.

Read our sedation dentistry page for more details on how it can help you have a pleasant and productive appointment.

It’s our priority to help you maintain good oral health. And we recognize that gentle dental care is essential for creating positive experiences. Call us to request an appointment or complete our Request an Appointment form.