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Dental Tips for Parents

Home bathroom scene of mother teaching a toddler how to brush their teeth.Start early. Help your child understand the importance of good oral hygiene habits and good oral health.

  • Before your child’s first tooth erupts, let them watch as you floss and brush your teeth.
  • Twice daily, clean your child’s first tooth with a soft cloth. As more teeth erupt, brush them with a soft infant toothbrush and a smear of toothpaste. And floss between molar teeth.
  • For children between two and five years old, increase the amount of toothpaste to pea-size. Let your child hold the toothbrush at times, but you’ll finish brushing each tooth thoroughly.
  • When your child is about eight years old, show them how to brush twice daily and floss every day.
  • Continue to monitor your child’s oral hygiene habits to ensure they are brushing for two minutes daily, flossing daily, and doing it well.

Make It Fun

  • Choose fluoridated toothpaste in flavors your child likes. Remind your child that not to swallow the toothpaste. Consuming too much fluoride can cause unsightly white spots on their permanent teeth.
  • Hum a song, have a brushing contest to see who can brush the longest (two minutes is the goal), or download a toothbrushing app.
  • Cheer. Clap. Give your child a small reward. Commend your child for doing a good job and find ways to encourage them to continue.

At Theriot Family Dental Care, we welcome you to bring your children to your dental appointments. They can watch as the dentist examines your teeth and the hygienist cleans them. As you leave our office with a smile, your child will have positive memories of dental visits and look forward to them.

“Theriot Family Dental Care took the time to make my daughter feel comfortable. And they made funny comparisons to help her see the need to regularly floss and brush her teeth.” – Josh P.