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Lafayette Sleep Dentistry

Sleep dentistry, also known as sedation dentistry, doesn't actually put you asleep. But it makes you so relaxed that it can seem that it does, and most patients actually remember little to nothing about what happened during the appointment.

You may be among the estimated 2 million people in Louisiana who need dental care but are too fearful to seek it out. We understand and sympathize with these feelings. In fact, one of Dr. Theriot's favorite things about being a dentist is helping people who are afraid of the dentist cope with and conquer their fears through sleep dentistry.

Lafayette Sleep DentistryFor those patients who are concerned about getting insufficient pain relief from nitrous oxide gas and local anesthetic, we specialize in oral conscious sedation, sometimes known as sleep dentistry or sedation dentistry. Before your treatment Dr. Theriot will share several available sedation options that can help you feel completely at ease.

How Does Sleep Dentistry Work?

Just before your appointment Dr. Theriot will prescribe the right dose of oral medication depending on your needs. During your treatment you may also be given nitrous oxide, which can be constantly adjusted to ensure that you are maintaining the exact amount of sedation. At this point patients who otherwise experience anxiety feel so relaxed that they often take a little catnap while their dental work is being done.

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