Gyms–The New Party Venue

Want to have your next birthday party at…. the health club?  Believe it or not, gyms and fitness studios across the country are becoming the new party venue.


Now others are catching on and national fitness chains like Crunch are hosting birthday parties, bachelorette parties, college reunions and divorce parties after normal gym hours, says senior vice president of programming Donna Cyrus.


Fitness events are becoming increasingly popular with working women.  The most requested class, especially among young women, is pole dancing—a favorite for anyone organizing a bachelorette party.  The class is a time for friends to get together and shed inhibitions for an hour.  Afterwards, the revelers usually get changed and go out to celebrate.  “This is the party before the party gets started,” says Courtney Alexander, Crunch fitness instructor.


New York City native Jason Capili welcomes invitations to fitness celebrations, having his own 36th birthday party at an indoor cycling studio.  At his party, attendees worked out intensely for an hour and afterwards enjoyed cupcakes and sparkling wine.


Capili attested to the benefits of working out with a group.  “When you have people really supportive and committed there’s a sense of cooperative energy that you can’t replicate with a one-on-one trainer.”


Fitness centers love this new trend that has become a clever marketing tool.  The events expose potential members to their equipment, space, and staff.


Companies have also switched to hosting healthy events at business conferences instead of the constant flow of parties full of drinking, eating—and more drinking and eating.  And the conferences aren’t just hosting one or two classes.  They’re dedicating a larger amount of conference time to mind/body care with stress management events that require movement, like yoga classes.


The idea of healthy events is not new, however.  Independent fitness instructors have led workout get-togethers in people’s homes for quite some time. Magen Banwart, a fitness and yoga instructor from New York has taught yoga, core, barre, and other workouts everywhere from South Carolina to the Hamptons.  So if you’re willing to pay up, you can host a fitness party in the privacy of your own home.


Would you have your next birthday party at the gym?  With all the new fitness classes and trends, it doesn’t seem like a bad idea!


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